Restaurant Processing

Restaurants, bars, food trucks, hotels, private clubs, concessions, and other foodservice / hospitality businesses have unique challenges, but with the right electronic payments gateway, you can securely accept credit/debit cards in-person or online, handle ACH transfers, manage your billing & invoicing, track user spending, access financial reports, and maintain PCI compliance at the lowest possible cost. 

Whether you operate only a traditional bricks-and-mortar location, you manage your own online ordering, deliver food or beverages for payment up-front or on delivery, or accept payment for any combination of goods or services online or offline, the Covenant Pay Partners’ electronic payments gateway will let you accept Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover, and more. 

Seamless Payments Across Channels

With the Covenant Gateway, your restaurant, bar, food truck, food delivery service, or other food / hospitality business can easily accept payments online, offline on a swipe terminal, on a contactless terminal, via mobile pay, etc. Generate secure, unique payment links automatically, making it easy to accept payments online on your website, via email, or on mobile devices. You can take mobile payments online or integrate payment processing to your app, letting users make in-app purchases via seamless integration with the Covenant Pay electronic payments gateway and virtual terminal. 

Online / Offline Payments

Accept patrons’ online credit card, debit card, or e-check payments securely, including virtual card payments and mobile card payments. Use the same system online and offline, on any device: web, mobile, contactless payment terminal, swipe terminal, etc. 

Installment Payments

Set up recurring billing, subscription payments, autopay enrollment, installment loans, and much more with our user-friendly online payments gateway.

Electronic Billing

Increase payment velocity with integrated billing & invoicing; present bills online, create secure online & mobile-friendly payment links, and offer an online user payment portal. Ask us about same day funding!

Custom Built Pricing Plans

Our deep restaurant industry experience means we know how to build and support a payments solution that won’t squeeze your margins. Ask how you may be able to reduce or eliminate your processing fees entirely with a Cash Discount plan. 

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