Covenant Pay, OpenNode Partner to Integrate Bitcoin Payments, Merchant Services

Covenant Pay and OpenNode Announce Cryptocurrency Merchant Services

NASHVILLE, Tenn.—  Local fintech company, Covenant Pay, has signed an agreement with Los Angeles, Calif.-based OpenNode to offer bitcoin payment processing on the Lightning Network as part of a holistic, industry-agnostic merchant services platform.

“We’re very excited about this partnership with OpenNode,” said Covenant Pay CEO Quincy McKnight. Calling the agreement an “investment in the future of business payments”, McKnight continued to say “this [announcement] is a culmination of months of work, due diligence, and negotiation.”

“The partnership with Covenant Pay is an important step towards mainstream adoption for the Bitcoin industry,” said OpenNode Head of Marketing Ryan Flowers. “Forward-thinking merchant services companies like Covenant Pay will help bring bitcoin payment processing into the mainstream, as consumers increasingly demand the ability to pay for goods and services with Bitcoin,” he continued.

Integrating OpenNode with Covenant Pay’s merchant payment platform means businesses will be able to accept bitcoin payments, settle instantly in bitcoin or local currency, transfer funds, and convert settled funds to or from bitcoin at any time, without any additional fees.

McKnight says once the new platform is complete, online customers can “pay in Bitcoin as simply as they can with a credit card … using a drop-down menu and typing in the account information”, and in-person payments “can be made with any Bitcoin wallet”. 

According to McKnight, “with more and more customers wanting to pay in bitcoin, our partnership with OpenNode helps deliver on Covenant Pay’s promise to help merchants get paid anyway, anywhere, and at any time.”

About Covenant Pay

Covenant Pay believes every business deserves a payments solution built just for them; their dedication to innovation and inclusion means Covenant Pay’s clients and partners enjoy unmatched visibility, control, and efficiency when managing their capital flows, risk, and customer relationships. Covenant Pay’s extensive network of banking, hardware, software, and services relationships allows their merchants to accept payments of any type, anywhere. Covenant Pay believes payments, partners, and people are stronger together.

About  OpenNode

OpenNode is building the best payments infrastructure today, without compromising tomorrow. They believe that bitcoin is the future of global, digital payments and that no other payment method can ultimately compete. Learn more at